I’m Colin, Welcome to my Home

   On the first day of class, each of the new interns of Slash Pine Press was asked to ‘write freely’ about what it means to be a community artist or an artist within a community. On the surface, these questions may seem somewhat evasive in nature, but it’s really that kind of thinking that made me interested in the Press and interning with them.

I guess the obvious place to go is to tell you what I wrote. I will spare you the verbatim prose of an undergraduate English major. I am sure you already know it’s all wordy and pseudo-eloquent, and it bashes around the point until I run out of time. However, the main idea is still there, and it goes, to me, back to the nature of an artist. Some think of art as a solitary thing—the painter in the tower, the writer in the room, et al—but in reality, with no community to represent, art is simply self-serving [and in a frank personal opinion, kind of devoid of any actual merit]. Call me a communist hippie, but I tend to like every occupation to somehow work for a communal good, arts included.

Back to me. Not because I am conceited [even if I am] but because this is my first post here on the grand old intern blog, and you’re supposed to get a bit of me out of this, I think. I like to write things. Mostly true things. Hopefully those things make people smile or giggle or something…maybe not. Beyond that, I watch Netflix, go to school, and paint. Please don’t ask me what I am doing when I graduate in May. I might cry on you. Beyond those beyonds, and perhaps more related to this post, is a certain personal goal that I enjoy pursuing here and there. As a young writer who prefers reading his work aloud as opposed to the tedious publishing process, I try to create opportunities for other young writers to read when I have the opportunity. That is one of the things that draws me into this community of Slash Pine, and the Press world beyond that.

The press world, to me—an outsider dipping my toe in, or perhaps just jumping in—is a place where people take opportunities that are there, and when they aren’t there—by god, you literally make it. With your hands. A BOOK! That’s pretty awesome. Maybe my personal interest isn’t quite as tangible, but I am sure I can learn quite a few things from the interesting people I am going to be around. [To be fair, I already have]. Along the way, if I make something that puts someone’s words into someone else’s hands, what better coincidence is there?

Hopefully, I will have more words for you here soon! In the meantime, look out for me on Twitter with the official twitter @SlashPinePress or my personal one @Mr_Colin.


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