community arts, yo

What does community art mean? Such a broad and expansive topic, and so hard to nail down in just a paragraph! Let me begin by mentioning that I feel an artist in a community means utilizing some form of creative outlet that is expanded beyond your personal sphere of influence. To be a part of a community, your expression must reach other members of that community, whether through the art itself, or through your social interaction with those around you. Creating something amazing is meaningless to everyone who doesn’t see it, so that awesome painting in your basement is moot…but put it where someone can see it and BAM! Community art! To be a community artist, you are integral within an undefined organization of those who strive to bring their point of view to other people, and who allow the point of view of others to reach them in turn. Artists are not necessarily trying to consciously reveal their art to the world, but as a byproduct of their expression, they influence others around them.

Katerina Puzinauskas is a junior pursuing a Bachelor of Arts Degree in English in conjunction with a Bachelor of Science in Biology. She is unpublished and unintimidated by her unprinted state. In her spare time she enjoys Hugo, Dostoevsky, and Frost.


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