The Other Words Conference1 was held in the nation’s oldest European-founded town. Slash Pine interns ventured to Flagler College2 in St. Augustine, Florida this past November to attend the conference. We were inspired by the conference guests, Flagler College, and the city itself.


The panels assembled were thought-provoking and educational. They offered firsthand information from publishers and authors on topics such as the selection process of journals, submission advice, as well as commentary on travel writing.

We were privy to unpublished and soon-to-be published works, as well as anecdotes and flash fiction from a diverse gathering of authors. Particularly noteworthy readings were performed by Bob Kunzinger, Kelle Groom, Mark Powell, Patti White, Bob Shacochis, and Lucas Southworth.


Our own workshop was a fun, interactive experience. We were able to introduce several Flagler students and authors to the art of hand-stitched chapbooks. Following our instruction, the group used a simple stitch to make a keepsake chapbook.


One evening, the Slash Pine interns also participated in the Renga Reading. We joined other students and writers in the beautiful Ponce Hall to read our own creative works. Some of the work had been composed during the conference, while others focused on the theme of the conference, Wanderlust.

Throughout the conference, attendees were able to tour St. Augustine. By way of prompts, such as the scavenger hunt or finding impromptu inspiration, we wrote, jotted, and scrawled in our little notebooks to our hearts content.  Knowing we walked the same cobble stone streets as Zora Neale Hurston, stood in the same halls in Flagler College as Thomas Edison, and looked out into the same ocean that held the aspirations of generations past, inspiration was not hard to find. That, and we stayed in a hotel full of pirates3.





—Debra Logan


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