meet the slash ‘terns

Hi, it’s nice to meet you too.

 Spring 2012 Slash ‘terns (from the left, from the left)

Sarah Jennings   is a senior at the University of Alabama studying English Literature with a minor in Creative Writing. One of her short stories, “Sporadic Lightning”, was published in the inaugural issue of DewPoint, a student-run literary journal at UA. This is her second semester as an intern for Slash Pine Press. She would enjoy long walks on the beach, but her skin is too fair and she burns easily. 

Will Gillette (aka Wildabeast), specializes in killing beats, filling seats, and pillaging streets. He’s an English major from a little town with a church second only in size to the Wal-Mart. He writes, performs, and freestyle raps whenever possible. Slash Pine piqued his interest primarily because he values art’s potential for shaping, defining, and, if all goes right, uniting individuals within a community.

Rebecca Cape is a sophomore at the University of Alabama majoring in Elementary Education.  She enjoys engaging in conversation, curling up with a good book, and conquering crafts. She spends her free time exploring the culinary arts and frolicking through nature.  Although her future is unspent, she aims to improve education for children of all ages by promoting creativity and critical thought. She dreams of one day opening a coffee shop with a backyard garden. 

Katerina Puzinauskas is a junior pursuing a Bachelor of Arts Degree in English in conjunction with a Bachelor of Science in Biology. She is unpublished and unintimidated by her unprinted state. In her spare time she enjoys Hugo, Dostoevsky, and Frost. 

Lin Wang is a freshman at the University of Alabama. She runs the online literary magazine, The Sandstar Review. A creative writing graduate of the Alabama School of Fine Arts, Lin is currently completing majors in Human Rights Law and Creative Writing. Her poetry has been published in literary journals like Ice Divider: New Zealand’s Poetry Anthology 2011 and The Journal of Compressed Creative Arts. She dreams best in June and writes best in October.

Summer Upchurch has been a freshman at the University of Alabama for the better part of a year. Currently, she is busy talking about her feelings in New College, writing short stories that always end up too long, and staring at her basil plant, wishing it would grow. She has just started to wear a watch, which means, technically, she is an adult now. If you’d like to find her, she’ll be hiding in Riverside East behind walls of paper. 

Colin Whitworth is an English student from Athens, Alabama. He will receive his B.A. in English from the University of Alabama with a minor in Creative Writing in May of 2012. He reads his nonfiction writing whenever he gets the chance with the hope that people will laugh. It’s just sad when they don’t. His poetry has been accepted for presentation at the Sigma Tau Delta international convention. In his spare time, he enjoys Netflix and trying to create outlets for other young writers to present their work.

Alexandra Franklin is a junior English major from Jackson, Mississippi. She received the Scholastic Art and Writing Gold Portfolio award for her short fiction and poetry in 2010 and was published in the New York Times in September 2011. She is also the editor of Scholastic’s anthology Best Teen Writing of 2011. Alexandra collects manual typewriters and spends her time reading and setting up mazes for her guinea pig, Chester. 

Miquela (Mickey) Rollf is currently a student at the University of Alabama in pursuit of a BS in Elementary Education with a minor in Spanish. She calls herself a gypsy because she doesn’t really know where she’s from. Mickey is enthusiastic about the Slash Pine internship. Her interests include dancing, painting, occasional writing, and other forms of art.

Laura Flowers is from Birmingham, Alabama.  She is currently pursuing a degree in English at UA.  Her interests include reading and writing prose.  She is incredibly excited to be working with Slash Pine and getting involved in the chapbook community.


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